• Gearing Up for the 2015 Season

    Date: 2015.02.10 | Category: Tips and Tricks | Tags:

    MeetingOur February 9th , 2015 CVBA meeting was well attended.  About seventy members were present.  Paul, our president, demonstrated a few feeding techniques he has developed.  He brought in a modified turkey fryer that is just the right size for his bee yard’s needs.  He also brought in items to show how he mixes and transports his rather large amount of syrup to his bee yard.  Seeing the equipment and hearing his routine made it easy to comprehend what we should be doing in our own bee yards.

    We discussed feeding, which everyone in our area should probably be doing.  Paul talked about when and why his ratio of sugar to water changes.  In the late fall, bees need to put up honey to consume during the winter so if you need to feed, this is when the ratio should be 2 sugar : 1 water in whatever measurement you want to use.  It could be 2 pounds of sugar : 1 pound of water; or it could be 2 cups sugar : 1 cup water.  This ratio changes in the Spring to a 1:1 ratio of sugar to water.  There is less sugar in this mixture because of what the bees are doing with it.  In the fall, they are converting the sugar water to honey to consume later, as opposed to Spring when they are simply consuming the sugar water.

    Jim, our vice-president, demonstrated several key pieces of equipment, which he also brought to show.  He had many tips and some easy uses of everyday items that are quite handy to know.  These are things that he has developed and uses personally.  Many items and tools can be made from modifying something you already own but some are best to get right from the beginning – like a hive tool.  It’s your own preference.  You can use a screwdriver rather than a hive tool to open your hives, but you will damage the wood and soon need to buy new bee boxes.

    Package bees are just about sold out, if you hurry, you can get on the list.  Contact Jim Ellis for this.  There are a few nucs left, contact Jim Hunsinger if you are interested in getting nucs.

    Beekeeping is not learned from books or online… It’s by experience and mentorship.  Joining CVBA and attending the workshops is your first step in learning about honeybees.  Our Spring course will begin February 21st.  CLICK HERE to find out more.