• Spring 2015 Beekeeping Course

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    TENTATIVE OUTLINE for our Beekeeping course, Spring 2015


    Due to weather conditions, the availability of bees will be delayed one week… the dates listed below are the new dates.

    The Spring Beekeeping Course will be presented by the Chattahoochee Valley Beekeepers Association in cooperation with Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center.  The Course will consist of six, two hour sessions over six consecutive Saturdays, 3PM to 5PM, beginning February 21 through March 21, at which time, the new beekeepers will go home with their own bees installed in their own hives.

    The course fee is $100 for all sessions or $25 per individual session.  Young people 17 and under, when accompanied by a parent or guardian will pay a reduced rate of $50 but will be expected to share the textbook, notebook and materials with that parent or guardian.  The $100 fee includes a textbook (First Lessons in Beekeeping), a 3 ring binder for  notes, handouts and other materials plus a one year individual membership in our association.  Individual session attendees will be expected to purchase those items.

    Feb. 21: Registration, Introductions and general discussion on Honeybees and Beekeeping, all designed to answer the question “Is this right for me?”.  Distribution of textbook “First Lessons in Beekeeping”, three ring binder to keep notes and handouts and Distributor Catalogs.  Overview of hive components, tools and protective clothing.

    Feb. 28: Discussion of bees.  Types of bees.  Life cycle of bees.  Hive locations.  Distribution and discussion of recommended hive components, tools  and protective clothing.

    Mar. 7: Hands on, hive assembly demonstration and assist new beekeepers in assembly of their equipment.

    Mar. 14: IN THE BEEYARD:  How to don protective clothing.  Lighting a smoker.  Using various tools.  Package installation discussion and NUC installation discussion.  How to inspect a hive.

    Mar. 21: IN THE BEEYARD:  Hands on hive inspections by new beekeepers.   BACK IN THE CLASSROOM:  Overview of extracting with demonstration of extracting equipment.  Extensive discussing of what will happen at the next meeting.  Make sure new beekeepers know what to bring.

    Mar. 28: IN THE BEEYARD:  Demonstration and discussion on how to install a package of bees.  (Package bees arrive the previous night).  Assist new beekeepers in installing their packages in their hives.

    July 11: The Insectival at Oxbow.  New beekeepers will get an admission ticket in their notebooks and will assist in the extraction demonstrations we do for the public at Oxbow.