• Standing Room Only!

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    jennifer berryOur July meeting program proved to be quite informative and popular.  It was standing room only at Oxbow Meadows during a presentation from Jennifer Berry of the University of Georgia Bee Labs.  Beekeeping is one of her favorite subjects and that was apparent at the meeting.  Berry addressed preparing bee hives for the Winter and methods to control mites… two things that can be major factors in the survival of honey bees.  You need to know how to monitor your hives to make sure they have enough honey to get them through the winter and also to feed them when needed.  Starvation is one of the top two reasons that hives die.  Her recommendation for overwintering is to leave them roughly 100 pounds of honey.  You’ll have to do the math, but I think that translates to one full deep of honey.  Feeding, consists of making sugar water available to the bees.  Please get the specifics if you do not know how to feed.  It’s easy to make a feeder and easy to mix sugar and water.

    The other top factor is mites.  Monitor and control Varroa mites and Small Hive Beetles.  She talked about screened bottom boards and powdered sugar as proactive ways to combat these pests.  For some unknown reason, our CVBA group has noticed a decline in the population of the SHB from 2013 to 2014, which is great news… and a trend we hope continues.

    It was a great educational meeting and we hope Jennifer Berry will come back as there is so much more we want to learn.