• Swap Meet

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    Our June 9th meeting / Swap Meet happened this past Monday.  The equipment items brought in were surprisingly diverse.  Not everyone brought in frames that didn’t fit their equipment (like me).  It was great to see and learn about different ways to feed and to see first hand what some different types of feeders look like, how they work and also some of their downfalls.  Lots of other relevant and timely information was discussed.  Many of our seasoned beekeepers are having record years for honey production, which is great news.  Hopefully, you are also having success.

    600px-Liriodendron_tulipifera_tulip_closeHoney production follows the availability of nectar.  One of the best sources of nectar in our Chattahoochee Valley is the Tulip Poplar.  This tree is large, straight and beautiful with tulip shaped leaves and huge nectar filled blossoms that are also shaped like tulips.  A bonus surprise for members who attended this meeting were free 6 ft. Tulip Poplar saplings brought in by member George O.  That’s right… if you missed the last meeting, go ahead and read that last sentence again.  Those saplings have the potential for several future gallons of honey.  What a great gift.  Thank you, George!