• A Busy Weekend!

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    The Chattahoochee Beekeepers Association spent a busy weekend.

    ​On Saturday, the association conducted a beekeeping class for 10 potential beekeepers, and on Sunday it held its annual picnic at Betty Beegle’s farm in West Point.

    ​Nearly 40 members came to the picnic.

    ​Jim Harris of Columbus, demonstrated candle making, Jim Ellis of Midland did a live hive demonstration and Katie Roberts of West Point ran a honey tasting contest.

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    Honey tasting

    Honey Tasting:  There were 12 entries in the honey tasting contest, with three beekeepers tying for first place.  They were Mark Eckman, Hamilton; Kerry Britt, Fortson; and Paul Berry, Box Springs.  Sampling the honey, are (from left) Tommy Parker, Erin Smith, Mark Smith, and Cole Britt.



    Finding Queen Cell:  Jim Ellis points out queen cells on a wax frame he removed from a hive to Kerry Britt.



    Erin Smith:  Erin Smith helps Jim with his candle making, dipping the candles into hot wax to add layers to the candle.



     Shaping the base:  Jim Harris finishes off his candles by tapering the base.  The candles are now ready for the candle holder.



    Harris McDowell:  Jim Harris demonstrates his candle making techniques to Hedy McDowell at the annual Chattahoochee Valley Beekeepers Association’s annual picnic at Betty Beegle’s farm in West Point.