• NEW Monthly Meeting

    Date: 2013.01.29 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags:

    The CVBA has previously met Bi-monthly, but we are trying something NEW!  Who says you can’t teach old beekeepers new tricks?  The formal, educational-speaker meetings will still remain on the normal bi-monthly schedule, but we are adding an informal, interactive meeting on the months in between.  The purpose of the informal meeting is to hear and get information that directly affects you because we will be discussing what is happening right now in our area and what you should be doing.  We will also answer your direct questions on any aspect of beekeeping such as how often do others go into their hives? who’s hives have swarmed?  how to tell if your hive is about to swarm… how much are others feeding?…  By the way… are you feeding your bees?   Also, it provides an opportunity to get to know and network with each other.  It is necessary to keep current, because when a problem (or opportunity) arises, often, it can’t wait two months.

    Our next meeting will be February 11th at the Chattahoochee Valley Main Library on Macon Road, Synovus Meeting Room, Side A.  Time is 6:00 PM. Informal Program: “Beekeepers Sharing Knowledge”