• Honey Amount Converter

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    Member, Dan D. found this handy-dandy website (see link below) and it may be of interest to you if you need to convert a honey measurement into another form.  Let’s say you need to calculate how much a quart of honey weighs in ounces… you can do that here.  Do you need to know how many mornings you can put one tablespoon of honey into your tea if you only have 1 pint?  If your customers know that 1 pint will only last them 38 days, you can definitely sell them a larger jar of honey.  Metric?  No problem.  This website also lists nutritional facts for honey, which could be helpful to put on your lable or to have available if a customer asks.  Educate your customers so they will know that honey is wonderfully nutritious.   Check it out.   Knowledge is money… honey.