• Honey Robbery

    Date: 2012.06.13 | Category: General | Tags:

    Some of you have already robbed for your Spring 2012 honey, and if you have been sleeping all Spring… wake up, because it’s time!  Remember, you must check all frames that aren’t completely capped off to make sure they are RIPE.   Un-ripe honey, is not dry enough, it has a moisture content above 20% and the problem is that it will ferment. Not good, unless you want to make Mead or something… (not sure about that either.)  But, here is how you check any frames that are not completely capped off.  Look at the cells, point the uncapped cells down, and shake the frame in a downward motion like you are trying to get water droplets off of it.  If some droplets of honey come out of the cells, put that frame back in the hive, because it is not ripe and it could contaminate your other honey.  If no droplets come out, it is fine to extract.  So, fully capped is ripe, and partially capped may or may not be ripe… CHECK before you extract.

    I have robbed over a week ago, and my Spring honey is darker this year than other years. Betty B. and Steve S. have noticed dark honey also.  Is this a condition of the weather, or perhaps an abundance of an unusual plant source, or just a fluke?  I’m not complaining, because it is delicious!  Just curious.

    If you are a member, and need to extract but don’t have the equipment, we have an extractor and hot knife you can borrow.  Contact Duane Johnson for arrangements.  Do not put it off any longer.  Robbery is hard work, especially when it is hot and you have a number of hives… but it does have a great reward… and it is legal!