• May Meeting – What’s it all about?

    Date: 2012.05.01 | Category: Announcement | Tags:

    It’s May, and FYI – we are having a meeting on the 14th!  If you happen to know everything there is to know about bee pollen, then you are qualified to assist Georgia Master Beekeeper – Virginia Webb, our guest speaker.  In all honesty, Ms. Webb’s qualifications are as long as my arm and include winning the title of best honey in the world – twice!   On Monday, however, her focus will be on bee pollen.  Pollen has always been a rather mysterious item. What’s the difference between what you collect in the hive and regular plant pollen?  Currently, I can’t tell you the correct answer to that.  I do know, however, that you can buy bee pollen in granules, pills and capsules, but that is about the extent of my knowledge on this highly nutritious, teeny, tiny… speck.  I’ve read that with water, the human body can survive on bee pollen alone.   I don’t want to test the truth in that, but you’ve got to admit – a statement like that is nothing… to sneeze at.  The market for this type of product is increasing and you may want to tap into that market – it is, rather like a bonus product.  Knowledge is key, and both you and I will learn something on Monday, guaranteed.  Ms. Webb will cover stuff like collecting, cleaning and selling bee pollen, types of pollen traps, types of pollen, benefits of pollen, and grading pollen – for starters.  So, bring your questions and take the mystery out of this product.  If you already collect pollen, bring a sample, and see what a master beekeeper thinks of what you produce.  Check out Virginia and Carl Webb’s Mountain Honey website here: http://www.mtnhoney.com/about.htm

    Remember, we will also be discussing our own new website.  Go ahead, offer your two cents worth of advice, everyone else will!  (We never turn down a donation. – ha ha)