• Nucs at Night

    Date: 2017.03.30 | Category: General | Tags:

    Spring Bees arrive! Jim and Gayle Hunsinger picked up a trailer and truck load of Nucs for our bee club.  These nucs were pre-ordered through Jim and Gayle who organized everything and delivered the nucs to Oxbow where members conveniently came to pick them up around 9PM.  They have been doing this for several years now and the membership appreciates this greatly!

    The weather cooperated this year with mild temperatures and very little, if any, misty rain.  Enthusiasm was high as new beekeepers and seasoned beekeepers came to help out, socialize and collect their new treasure.  Most were going to place their new bee nucs on top of their permanent hives that night and install the bees the next day.  The nucs are made of a sturdy white plastic that is weather proof and makes a great swarm trap afterwards.  So don’t throw the box away!  Check out these photos.