• Picnic 2016 – a FUN time!

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    The Chattahoochee Valley Beekeepers Association annual picnic was again held at the farm of Betty Beegle and her family.  At their farm, they are ready for anything and luckily they were ready for rain.  Yes, it rained on our picnic, but that just made it fun, interesting and memorable.  At the Beegle Farm, they have a large framed roof over their picnic area, so all the food and guests were covered.  You had to get a little rained on to get your dessert, but that didn’t stop anyone.  It was well worth it too because all the food and all the desserts were terrific.

    Before it rained, we did a little candle dipping and also saw a wax melter setup.  Along with this, Jim Ellis and Freddie Beegle got into one of Freddie’s hives and did an inspection demonstration.  This is always very informative and a great thing to see especially since we should all do hive inspections before winter to make sure the bees are putting up enough honey.   The smoker contest and the honey tasting contest also took place.  This year the smoker contest was divided into large smokers and smaller smokers with a prize for each category.  The winner of the smaller smokers was Charlie Brown.  The winner of the larger smokers was Duane Johnson again.  Congratulations to you both!  The winner of the honey tasting contest was William Ferris for the second year in a row.  Congratulations!  We also had a new attraction at the picnic this year.  D. Dekeyser brought one of his parrots named Scooter.  This extremely beautiful bird was quite entertaining and was a big hit with the kids as well as the adults.

    Picnic 2016Here is a group photo which we took just in the nick of time before it began to rain.  Thank you to Doug Roberts for taking our group photo and also all of the photos on our photo page.  Here is a quick link to see these photos… http://chattahoocheebeekeepers.com/?page_id=289

    Our October meeting will be at the UGA Extension office on October 10, 6PM.