• New Interim Meeting Location

    Date: 2015.10.20 | Category: Announcement | Tags: ,

    We now have a new meeting location to rotate with Oxbow Meadows.  As you know, the Columbus Library has become increasingly difficult to schedule for our “off month” meetings, not to mention the fact that we have outgrown the rooms they make available to us.

    After visiting several possible locations, Paul Berry has found a great place and it is convenient too.  The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension office has a huge “conference room” that will easily handle our meetings.  Best of all, they seem truly excited to play a part in accommodating our club.

    As of today, our November 9th meeting and our December 14th Christmas social will both be at this location.  There is a wonderful kitchen facility located right across the hall from the conference room.  The time for both of these gatherings is 6 PM.  Gayle Hunsinger is organizing the social, so please contact her to see what she recommends you bring.

    The UGA Cooperative Extension office is located next door to the Columbus Police Department.  The address for the meeting location is 420 10th Street, Columbus, GA.  The number 420 is clearly visible over the front door, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding it.

    Thank you! to Teresa and Beverly from the Extension office for welcoming us so graciously and sharing your wonderful facility.  Your efforts are very much appreciated.  We look forward to meeting you and thanking you in person.