• Bud Champlin to speak in July

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    Bud Champlin who is a master beekeeper from Jasper, Ga., will gear his presentation to the novice beekeeper at this month’s meeting of the Chattahoochee Beekeepers Association at Oxbow Meadows Learning Center.  The date of this meeting is July 13th and the time is 6 PM.  Although a master beekeeper, he went through the same trial by error learning process that many new beekeepers are facing today.

    His introduction to beekeeping came when he was a young airman stationed at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, D.C.  While there, an elderly gentleman he met at church asked for help in getting started with beekeeping.  Bud agreed and ordered the bees and equipment through Sears.  He assembled and installed the bees.  He soon discovered that all his friend wanted to do was watch, so when he was transferred to South Florida, he took the bees with him.  He struggled for two years, trying different methods of keeping his bees alive.

    Moving to Georgia, he developed a real passion for beekeeping and began to take courses to learn more, finally becoming a master beekeeper though the Young Harris beekeeper program.  Although aimed at the new beekeeper, he promises there will be information for even the most seasoned beekeepers in attendance.

    Hope to see you there.