• Wet Weather Causing Apiary Alert!

    Date: 2015.04.21 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags:

    Alert from our President, Paul:
    IMG_0083This weather is killing our bees.  At left is a photo I took of my new NUC this afternoon. I immediately put a full bottle of sugar water on this hive as soon as I saw this. The NUC I got was full of brood but had little, if any, stored honey and pollen. Now they are starving to death because the rain prevents them from foraging. I fed them as late as this weekend but should not have allowed them to go without at all. I hope I can save them but, if I do, it will be because I have poured the sugar water to them. I’m sure I will have others in the same boat, especially swarms I have rescued, but it won’t stop raining long enough for me to go out and check.