• A recipe for Swarm Lure

    Date: 2015.03.23 | Category: Tips and Tricks | Tags: ,,

    Swarm LureIts SWARM TIME again.  There are many ways to catch a swarm, but the easiest is to use a bait hive.  Paul, our president attended the recent GBA meeting and asked if he might share this recipe for “swarm lure”.  The recipe was discussed in a session about wax that was given by Linda Tillman.  Here is her response with the recipe and a link to some photos.

    Hi Paul,
    Of course, I’m glad to share.  Here’s a slideshow of how to do it:
    (If you play the slideshow, there are captions under each slide.  **To play the slideshow – go to the link, then click the downward facing arrow in the upper right of that page.  You will see the option for slideshow there.)

    A square inch of beeswax
    melted with 1/4 cup olive oil
    Add 15 – 20 drops of lemongrass oil.

    This solidifies and you can smear it quite easily.  I put it around the hole in the inner cover; on top of some of the frames, just under the entry opening.

    It’s not my recipe – some guy in Italy, I believe, posted it as a comment to one of my posts on my blog.  It’s good for one season.  Next season the lemongrass oil loses its effectiveness and you have to remake it.