• Construction Instructions

    Date: 2015.03.10 | Category: General | Tags: ,,

    Web-SC-58This is where it gets exciting… when your new equipment is delivered!  Week three of our 2015 short course at Oxbow Meadows marked the session on learning how to construct your hive.  The weather was perfect.  As you can see in the photo, the boxes containing numerous hives were ready for the beekeeper students to pick up.  Anyone who wanted to put their hive together on the spot had ample help, knowledge and tools available.  However, most wanted to put their hives together at home.  It is true that it’s easier to transport everything when it’s still in the box.

    Web-SC-17Cost and shipping charges require many beekeepers to buy the components unassembled.  Even if you go the pre-assembled route, you still need to know how it all fits together.

    Web-SC-50Paul demonstrated how it all works and talked about best practices on doing the construction and set up of your hive.  There are many slightly different styles of frames, and different types of foundation and he covered most of them.  There are optional items and lots of ways to feed bees… those were discussed also.

    Web-SC-03A few of the beekeeper students did take advantage of the help available after the class and put together some of their new apiary equipment.  These two had a great system worked out and put these frames together in a snap!  Four hands are better than two… plus, when a pneumatic stapler is available, its hard to pass up the opportunity.  You will understand once you put all forty frames together with a tack hammer on the first hive.  Ready for the second one?