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  • Inmark for bottling

    Date: 2016.05.31 | Category: Announcement | Response: 0

    Thanks to our member D. Dekeyzer, our group is able to purchase bottles and jars with no shipping cost added from Inmark in Austell, GA.  Dan has graciously offered to pick up on Tuesday June 7th, any orders placed by our club.  The link to the site is and when you phone in your order, simply pay for it with a credit card and mention that Dan will be picking up the order on Tuesday June 7th for the Chattahoochee Valley Beekeepers Association (CVBA).  The phone number is at the bottom of the Inmark web page.  Ask to speak to ROBERT, who is the Inmark representative organizing Dan’s orders.  It would be best if you could also let Dan know (see member listing for number) that you have an order there so that he knows what to expect.

    We all know that shipping is a bear and can easily cost more than the merchandise itself.  Thank you Dan for this offer!

  • Certification Class Announced at May Meeting

    Date: 2016.05.13 | Category: Announcement, General, plants | Response: 0

    Spring 2016A certification class is coming to the CVBA. Specifics will be forthcoming. The certification testing is reportedly quite difficult and will require dedicated study. Stay tuned in to this website and come to the meetings to get the latest information on this topic.

    2016 is shaping up to be a great year for honey! Lots of things are blooming right now and swarms are at a record high. Its a great time to be a beekeeper in the Chattahoochee Valley.  Keep a check on your hives and add those supers!  Clover seems more abundant this year than previous years.  Did you know that bees love privet hedge blossoms?  Its true… and it makes great honey.  Privet hedge is everywhere in this area and this honeybee fact makes it a little easier to tolerate the highly invasive shrub.  The photo is showing a few wildflowers, which required very little effort but took a great deal of patience to grow.  Two years of  leaving this section un-mown was difficult because it looked terrible the whole time.  From someone who loves to mow, this was an accomplishment.

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All of our meetings are on the second Monday of the month, except, of course, September’s annual picnic. Now you can put us on your calendar early and plan out your entire year of beekeeping meetings. These meetings alternate locations between Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center, 3535 South Lumpkin Rd., Columbus, GA and the UGA Cooperative Extension office – 420 10th Street in Columbus, GA. Time is 6:00 PM
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