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  • Christmas Social 2015

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    The 2015 Christmas social for the Chattahoochee Valley Beekeepers Association was a delicious event!  We had a full spread complete with barbecue, side dishes, desserts and every kind of tea you could imagine.  A special Thank You to Gayle and Jim Hunsinger for taking charge of the details.  We appreciate you both and your wonderful organizing and culinary talents!

    At this social, we were introduced to Anne Randle, the new Muscogee County Agent.  If you missed the event, you can see her image in the slideshow below.  You can also contact her at the Extension office.

    Merry Christmas everyone!  Have a joyful and safe holiday.  See you back here at this Extension Office for our January meeting.  In February, we will be at Oxbow and start alternating between the two locations.

  • Wounded Warrior Sought

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    The Chattahoochee Valley Beekeepers Association has a “Wounded Warrior Program”.  A soldier who is interested in becoming a beekeeper is provided, free of charge, with everything needed to pursue this interest.  The CVBA has helped one previous soldier who has since been transferred to South Carolina.  Currently, another “Wounded Warrior” is sought who is interested in this wonderful hobby.

    Here is an article by Rich McDowell explaining all about this program:

    WoundedWarriorWounded Warrior needed for beekeeping responsibility

    Lt. Col. Bruce Gannaway lost his left foot and injured his left hand and right leg when he stepped on an IED while serving as a company commander with the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq on Dec. 7, 2007.  After 18 months of extensive rehabilitation, he remained in the Army and served as the comptroller for the 75th Ranger Regiment.

    During that tour his wife, Sarah, saw an article in The Bayonet about the Chattahoochee Valley Beekeepers Association looking for a wounded warrior to become a beekeeper.  “I saw it as a good opportunity for him to put work aside,” she said.

    The CVBA provided Gannaway with instruction, bees, beekeeping materials and protective clothing. Since he lived on post, he kept his hive at the Oxbow Meadows apiary.  This past summer, Gannaway was transferred to 3rd Army Headquarters at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina.  He took his bees with him and said they are doing well, producing a lot of honey.

    The CVBA is offering this opportunity to another Wounded Warrior.  It will provide instructions, bees and equipment at no cost to the Soldier and if the Soldier needs a place to keep his bees, they will be housed at Oxbow Meadows, just minutes from Main Post.  The instruction that will be provided will be two-hour blocks each Saturday, beginning Feb. 20 and lasting until April 2. There will be no class March 26.  The course covers everything the novice beekeeper needs to know to get up and running and culminates with the delivery of a beehive.  Learn more about this course HERE.

    CVBA president Paul Berry said this is a win-win situation. The wounded warrior benefits by getting involved in a healthy outdoor environment while the environment benefits by getting more pollinators.  “Beekeeping is not rocket science. All it takes is a little time and patience and a love for the outdoors,” he said. “We will provide the wounded warrior everything he needs to get started and be there with him as he gets to know his way around the bees. And it’s all free.”

    The first wounded warrior to contact Berry will be eligible for the program. Deadline for applying is Feb. 14. Paul can be reached at 706-527-0739, or email

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Due to construction work, the April 9, 2018 meeting will be held at Oxbow Meadows.  Please spread the word.

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All of our meetings are on the second Monday of the month, except, of course, September’s annual picnic. Now you can put us on your calendar early and plan out your entire year of beekeeping meetings. These meetings alternate locations between Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center, 3535 South Lumpkin Rd., Columbus, GA and the UGA Cooperative Extension office – 420 10th Street in Columbus, GA. Time is 6:00 PM
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