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  • “INSECTIVAL” Photos 2015

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    The Chattahoochee Valley Beekeepers Association demonstrates how to extract honey from a hive during the Oxbow Meadows “INSECTIVAL” event every summer.


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    The Chattahoochee Valley Beekeeping Association is announcing the dates for the 2016 Spring Beekeeping Course.  This course will teach you how to become a beekeeper and walks you through everything you need to know to begin.  Classes take place at Oxbow Meadows in Columbus, Georgia and are from 3PM – 5PM on each of the days (see schedule below).  In addition to learning how to handle bees, you will learn how to purchase equipment and will be offered special pricing on bees.  The fee for this class is $100 and includes all six (6) weekly class demonstrations to attend, written materials, membership into the CVBA for one year, and free admission into the Insectival Event offered at Oxbow Meadows during the Summer.  (Bees and equipment are purchased separately and are not included in the tuition.)

    Classes are held on Saturdays (see schedule below) and are from 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM on each of those days.

    If you only want to attend a few individual classes, we also offer that option.  The tuition is $25 for each individual class you choose to attend.

    If you enroll in this class and wish for a family member to attend with you, they may attend for $50, and you can share materials.

    NEW INFO: Special for last years attendees:  Previous students of the 2015 class may attend this 2016 class for $50.  (You will use your same materials from the 2015 class.)

    The dates of the classes are consecutive Saturdays, except the last class, which allows us to skip Easter Saturday.  The timing of this entire course is the perfect time of year to get set up and start keeping bees.


    The fee for this class is $100 and includes all six (6) weekly class demonstrations to attend, written materials, membership into the CVBA for one year, and free admission into the Insectival Event offered at Oxbow Meadows during the Summer.  (Bees and equipment are purchased separately and are not included in the tuition.)

    To register for The Spring Beekeeping Class, please call Oxbow’s front desk at 706-507-8550 and ask to register for the Spring Beekeepers Program.  Payment can be accepted over the phone.

    Pre-registration for the Full Course and advanced payment of $50 (which is half of the full tuition) are required to complete your registration and is non-refundable in cash unless cancelled by Oxbow Meadows.  Registration will close Friday February 19th, 2016.  The remaining balance is due before the first session begins.

    Pre-registration for single classes follows the same instructions.  Advance payment of $25 for each individual class is required and registration closes on Friday before each program date.


    Dates for the Spring Course:

    Class 1: February 20th, 2016

    3PM – 5PM at Oxbow Meadows Auditorium

    Registration, introductions and general discussion on honeybees and beekeeping, all designed to answer the question, “Is beekeeping right for me?”.  Distribution of textbook, catalogs and other materials.  Overview of equipment needed by participants and how to order.  Woodenware must be ordered soon after this meeting.

    Class 2: February 27th, 2016

    3PM – 5PM at Oxbow Meadows Auditorium

    Discussion of honeybees, types of bees, life cycle, hive locations.  Further discussions on the use of woodenware, protective clothing and other tools necessary for the beekeeper.

    Class 3: March 5th, 2016

    3PM – 5PM at Oxbow Meadows Auditorium and Garage area

    Hands on assembly of hive components.  Demonstrate and assist participants in the assembly of their equipment.

    Class 4: March 12th, 2016

    3PM – 5PM at Oxbow Meadows Auditorium and Beeyard

    How to don protective clothing.  Lighting a smoker.  Use of various tools.  Discussions on package installation and NUC installation.  Demonstration of an actual hive inspection.

    Class 5: March 19th, 2016

    3PM – 5PM at Oxbow Meadows Auditorium and Beeyard

    Hands on hive inspections by instructors and participants.  Overview of the extraction process.  Demonstration of the extraction equipment.  Discussion of next sessions events and what participants need to bring.

    [skip a week here for Easter] no class

    Class 6: April 2nd, 2016

    3PM – 5PM at Oxbow Meadows Garage area and Beeyard

    Final formal class.  Demonstrate the installation of a package of bees and the installation of a NUC with live bees if available and possible.  Assist participants with their installations.

    Beekeeping education is ongoing and we recommend joining the CVBA as we provide educational programs throughout the year.  Joining is easy.  You can view the membership application HERE.












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    Saturday September 19th, 2015 marks the date of the CVBA Fall Beekeeping Precursor course.  This course is offered as a preliminary introduction for our six-week Beekeeping course that happens in the Spring.  This is a one day class that will be given at Oxbow Meadows from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM on Saturday September 19th, 2015.  This “precursor class” is not a requirement to attend the full course offered in the Spring, but is an introduction into beekeeping and will help you decide if you are ready to become a beekeeper.  The fee for the class is $25.
















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    Picnic Date is Sunday, September 13, 2015

    Picnic location is the Beegle Farmmore interesting facts on that later in this post.

    Many activities – beginning at 4:30 PM

    Dinner, Fellowship, Beekeeping Technique Demonstration, Honey Tasting Contest, Smoker Contest, Candle Making, Group Photo, and a Special Surprise!   So, bring your family, bring a veil for the demo, a small un-marked squeeze top container of your best honey for the tasting contest, your smoker for the smoker contest… don’t bring pine straw, everyone will pick from the same pile, and of course bring your favorite food to share.

    Partial reprint from previous years:

    Picnic MapAnyway, I promised some interesting facts on the Beegle Farm.  First, here is a basic map on how to get there.  The big double road drawn North/South in the map on the right, is Interstate-185.  Take Exit 30, then go a very short distance toward 219.  Whether you turn right or left obviously depends on if you are travelling North or South on 185.  The off ramps are technically on the Hopewell Church Road, but Hopewell Church Road turns into 219, so you do not turn once you are on that road.  You are within walking distance… pass a church, and when you come to some trees on the left, you have arrived.   Look for the “If and When Honey” sign, and usually there is a smaller sign that says “Bee Club” pointing down the dirt road that leads to the picnic area, shown as the red circle with the star on the map.

    Honey SignThe Beegle Farm is a historic landmark with a rich history, which includes a grist mill, power plant, and general store.  Bet you didn’t know that!  I happened upon this website describing several interesting, historic landmarks in the Whitesville, GA area.  The Beegle Farm is one of the featured places, and to me, the most interesting.  In 1932 Betty’s father, J.T. Cox, purchased the house, land, grist mill, and country store.  I will let you read the details from the link above, but interestingly he also owned a personal power plant that produced 32 Volt electric power – enough for their needs on the farm (back then).  The grist mill ran on it’s own separate gasoline engine until they converted it to run with electricity.   This personal power plant also provided electricity for a movie projector, which J.T. ran during the summer months.   Picture a drive-in, with wagons instead of cars.   This movie night attracted quite a number of people, who, in-turn, could all purchase snacks at intermission from the country store… how smart is that?

    So plan to attend this year’s picnic.  It’s always a fun time

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Due to construction work, the April 9, 2018 meeting will be held at Oxbow Meadows.  Please spread the word.

Here is a handy link:


Click these handy links to find out more about our SPRING 2018 COURSE OFFERINGS:

2018 Course

2018 workshops

(see below for specifics about our alternating locations)

2017 Picnic Photos Posted!:  CLICK HERE


April 9 – Oxbow – Note: this is due to construction at UGA office.
May 14 – Oxbow
June 11 – UGA Ex. Office
July 9 – Oxbow
All dates except the picnic begin at 6PM and end (hopefully) before 8PM.

All of our meetings are on the second Monday of the month, except, of course, September’s annual picnic. Now you can put us on your calendar early and plan out your entire year of beekeeping meetings. These meetings alternate locations between Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center, 3535 South Lumpkin Rd., Columbus, GA and the UGA Cooperative Extension office – 420 10th Street in Columbus, GA. Time is 6:00 PM
Becoming a member of our Beekeepers Association is easy! CVBA-MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

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