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  • Honey Flow

    Date: 2012.03.17 | Category: General | Response: 0

    Hooray, it’s that time of year again!  The Honey Flow.   Supers should have already been put on your hives.  If not, get out there and put them on!  If your bees run out of room, a swarm is a likely occurrence, and no one wants to lose bees… or lose potential honey.  If a swarm is spotted and you can’t get to it, call another beekeeper.  You do have a current contact list don’t you?  Hmmm… not sure I have one either.  Since time is of the essence when a swarm is spotted, we need to be able to communicate the quickest way possible – the phone!  Let’s see about getting  that together and keep all our Chattahoochee Valley Bees in the Chattahoochee Valley.

  • Needed…ANSWERS!

    Date: 2012.03.07 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 2

    Yes, you read that correctly… we need answers – doesn’t everyone?  What we are talking about here, is the need to answer those anticipated “technical bee questions” from this website.  Often times, it takes everyone’s input to solve problems as not all answers are cut and dry.  As Betty Beegle says, “If you ask ten beekeepers a question, you’ll get eleven different answers!”  We need those answers, all eleven of them.  Be a resource (or should I say, a beesource ha ha) and check in often to see to what questions you may know the answer.

  • New Website Announced

    Date: 2012.03.07 | Category: Announcement | Response: 1

    Welcome, beekeepers, to the new Chattahoochee Valley Beekeepers Association (CVBA) website.  Whew!… have you ever noticed how many double letters are in our organization’s title?  About the website, it has a lot of features that we will talk about and demonstrate at our meeting in May.  Feel free to explore our site and get familiar with the content.  This site is interactive!  By interactive, we mean that you can comment and leave replies to other comments or articles.  You can comment on this first post if you like by clicking on the title of the post and following the directions at the bottom.  The comments are monitored and edited (if necessary) before they will appear on our site.  So, your comment will not be immediately visible.   Of course, the webmaster will make every effort to get them up on the site as quickly as possible.  This delay is necessary to protect the reputation and quality of our site.  If you have a question, or a recipe, or an article to submit, you may get it to us in several ways… bring it to a meeting, give it to one of our officers, or contact Katie at this email address:

    We will be showing you everything about the site, answering any of your questions, and we can help you individually if you like. Once you get the hang of it, comments and replies will be as easy as eating honey.  Also, it is important that you understand how to look up older articles and information in the archive section of the site.  Since we are still new, obviously, the archive area is a little sparse, but that list will grow as we keep feeding everyone information.

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