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    You are viewing the Chattahoochee Valley Beekeepers Association website. It is our hope that we can conveniently share beekeeping news, ideas, suggestions, and knowledge through this avenue. Come to our next meeting, which is listed over in the right-hand column, and listen to an educational program, discuss pertinent information, and network with other bee enthusiasts.

    This website is first and foremost a tool. With it, our plan is to work together for the enrichment of everyone's knowledge as well as to gain membership, promote networking, and to pass on essential information for the continuation of beekeeping in the Chattahoochee Valley area.

    We meet on the second Monday of every month, and welcome anyone who is interested in learning about bees. Many of our members have vast amounts of information through experience, study, and observations, while others are eager learners. Everyone, however, is willing to share whatever information they have. To find out more about the basic organization of our group, visit the "About CVBA" section of this website.

    Welcome to the Chattahoochee Valley Beekeepers Association Website. We're glad you stopped by for a visit. If Honeybees have invaded your space and you need help, please click on "Help" at the top right of this page. If you're here because you have an interest in Honeybees, oh boy, are you in the right place! Our club is full of people who are passionate about Honeybees and those who keep and care for them. Explore this website for information on meeting times and locations, or click on "Contact Us" above so your questions can be directed to a member who can help you. A word of CAUTION!! Keeping Honeybees is highly addictive! - Paul Berry, president CVBA

    So, explore the various facets of the magnificent honey bee, and learn about one of the world's most useful substances known to man - HONEY!

    In the sidebar to the right are a few photo groups that may be interesting to you including a Varroa mite test and how we receive our Nucs. Also, our members rescue and remove honey bees all the time. Please see our link in the top right column if you have a bee situation that requires a beekeeper.